Learn more about TCE!!

The information on this website may be a lot to take in all at once. And even understanding the theory does not mean you can put it into practice. Typically solidifying habits when learning a skill can take up to three weeks of daily practise and you don’t want to spend that time practising the wrong thing! For a course of lessons in helping you to learn to use the Tongue Controlled Embouchure please use the contact link above. Lessons cost £45 per hour and Skype lessons are also available.



This will be updated as more come in. For now, enjoy this review from Andy Cross:

I first met Richard when I travelled to Bristol for a face-to-face lesson. I’d been experimenting with the TCE from books and wanted some extra guidance. Since then we’ve had some regular lessons by Skype and these have been very effective.

Richard is very knowledgeable in all aspects of trumpet playing, including instruments and mouthpieces, and also including the various conventions and theories appertaining to the conventional, or ‘normal’ embouchure.

One feature of his lessons is his ability and desire to find solutions to problems, for example by devising exercises to address a specific problem that someone may be encountering.

He has personally studied with both Jerome Callet, undoubtedly the instigator of the reintroduction of the tongue controlled embouchure in modern times, (Jerome argues that by studying old texts and manuscripts he has come to the conclusion that this was a common method of playing in previous centuries but had gradually become overlooked), and also with Bahb Civiletti who has continued and developed Jerome’s teaching methods and theories.

I can highly recommend contacting Richard if you have even a passing interest in finding out more about the TCE, or if it is something that you already know that you would like to master. I’m certain that he will be able to help you to realise your ambitions.

Andy Cross
Ex-RCM student who previously studied with David Mason and Philip Jones