Books for learning the TCE System by Rich Colquhoun

This page is where you can buy eBooks by Rich Colquhoun about learning the trumpet. They are a digital download that you can access immediately after payment. The only option for a physical book is to buy this file and print it yourself, which you are very welcome to do.

Exploring The Double Pedal Register

Exploring The Double Pedal Register is a book that brings the original work of Jerome Callet back to the trumpet playing community. Einsetzen/Ansetzen: The Origin Of The TCE System.

More than 50 years have passed since Callet published his book Trumpet Yoga: The Ultimate Modern Trumpet Embouchure and yet the knowledge contained within this book is still not well known. Since it is long out of print this new book presents the information in a fresh and interesting way that will show you how to develop into a trumpet playing powerhouse.

My pupils contact me every day, excited about their development as a result of the exercises in this book!

Exploring The Harmonic Series With The Seven Bugles

Three valves… Seven fingerings… a fully chromatic instrument is born. Not so fast! Even though that is true, the only thing that valves do is change which notes are available to be played. Just like a bugle or natural trumpet it is still your lips, tongue and air that control the instrument.

The Seven Bugles was a concept I thought up many years ago when I had pupils struggling with understanding how their instrument works. Fast forward to 2017 and I realised that by marrying my idea with Bahb Civiletti’s 5 Articulations I could now begin to write this dual-purpose eBook.

Exploring The Harmonic Series With The Seven Bugles could take a trumpeter from learning their first notes to playing the highest tessitura of the instrument, but it is also a detailed guide of how to learn to play with a virtuoso “tongue controlled” embouchure.

If you have an interest in being the best player you can be and mastering the most difficult brass music then this eBook can take you there!

Set, Breathe, Play!

Set, Breathe, Play! is a short general-purpose guide to brass playing based upon my number one rule when teaching. How to apply “The Five ‘P’s” – Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Included in the guide are a few short exercises for practising good habits and eliminating hesitation.

Let me help you to start fixing your note production issues today.

A 21st Century Approach To Learning Scales, FAST!

The purpose of this book is to present major and minor scales in a way that they are not only easy to learn, but demonstrates how they relate to each other. As well as that it tackles a perfect cadence; or the most basic V7-I manoeuvre; in melodic form, developing the player’s aural perception as they work through the different keys. Does it sound too good to be true? I have had some of my most challenging pupils play around the circle of fifths from E major to A-flat major in one lesson, without written music, using this system.

For guaranteed success play through the major scale section of this book every day for three months and you will know every major scale from memory.