This a page of links relating to the Tongue Controlled Embouchure.

Unfortunately a lot of these links are currently broken. This page will be updated soon.

Trumpet Planet/TCE-UK

Who is Rich Colquhoun?

Rich’s Blog

Rich Colquhoun – Trumpet Player (Facebook Page)

Rich Colquhoun – Online Trumpet Lessons (Facebook Page)

Brass Practice on YouTube.

To save the space here you can find social media links (Twitter, Instagram) on Rich’s other website Trumpet Planet.

Bahb Civiletti

TCE-Studio – Robert (Bahb) Civiletti’s website.

The Art of The High Baroque on CDBaby.

Interview with RC with the Historic Brass Society.

Interview with RC on OJ’s Trumpet Page.

Bahb’s TCE Blog

Jerome Callet

Jerry Callet’s research into brass embouchure techniques is the foundation of the Tongue Controlled Embouchure.

Jerome Callet’s Superchops

Interview with JC on OJ’s Trumpet Page.


Jerome Callet Forum on The Trumpet Herald website.

Jerome Callet Master Superchops Facebook Group.