The Seven Bugles

Three valves… Seven fingerings… a fully chromatic instrument is born. Not so fast! Even though that is true, the only thing that valves do is change which notes are available to be played. Just like a bugle or natural trumpet it is still your lips, tongue and air that control the instrument.

The Seven Bugles was a concept I thought up many years ago when I had pupils struggling with understanding how their instrument works. Fast forward to 2017 and I realised that by marrying my idea with Bahb Civiletti’s 5 Articulations I could now begin to write this dual-purpose eBook.

Exploring The Harmonic Series With The Seven Bugles could take a trumpeter from learning their first notes to playing the highest tessitura of the instrument, but it is also a detailed guide of how to learn to play with a virtuoso “tongue controlled” embouchure. If you have an interest in being the best player you can be and mastering the most difficult brass music then this eBook can take you there!