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Building An Online School

Work has begun on writing a programme and making materials for a series of online courses that anybody can take to learn the TCE. In the last year I have made a bit of online content and used Patreon as a means of communicating with pupils willing to subscribe to the service. I’ve found, however, that this is not an effective way to people to learn and so I’m moving on. Current plans have the programme split into four courses, each of which contains a series of lessons, videos, and practice materials. There will also be a forum for students to discuss the course material, share their ideas and hopefully grow a bit of a community. More news to follow once things are up and rolling!

Skype Lessons Are Go!

Rich has been giving lessons about the Tongue Controlled Embouchure over Skype and everything is going great! After only a couple sessions pupils report development in their abilities and have a clear path of what to practise in order to meet their goals.

Because learning the TCE is now a clearly structured course of learning material, coupled with logical explanations of how to get the best results from your playing, you too could notice vast improvements in your playing by taking some lessons over Skype.

Not sure about the Tongue Controlled Embouchure? Get in touch and ask some questions! Sometimes just being more knowledgeable about a subject can help you to make better decisions without dramatic changes to your technique or style.

I look forward to hearing from you! Please use the Contact button above, or email