Month: January 2019

New Year Discount Code!

Happy New Year everybody!

2019 looks like it’ll be another exciting year for the TCE. I’m currently in the process of creating new resources for TCE practise every day. There’s a new eBook The Seven Bugles that I’ve been planing and drafting for most of a year that has finally started to come together over Christmas. I’m already sending the exercises to my pupils and hope to have the book finished soon.

For now, those of you who haven’t picked up my ebook about Einsetzen/Ansetzen; the origin of the TCE, a perfect warm-up and lip conditioner as well as 3 sets of progressive exercises to develop your embouchure; I’m now offering 25% all purchases as well as a 50% discount on your first Skype lesson when you buy the book. There is no better time to get involved in expanding your knowledge of trumpet embouchure!

Check out Exploring The Double Pedal Register on my ebook store now, and use discount code “EDPR25” for 25% off your purchase.

Happy spitting!