Month: May 2019

Rest In Peace Jerome Callet

It is with sadness and reverence that I share the news that earlier this week the fearless innovator Jerome Callet passed away. It is not unexpected as he was 89 years old and suffered a heart attack not long ago.

I first discovered the work of Jerome Callet in 2012. I took some lessons with him over the telephone and bought one of his Superchops trumpet mouthpieces. Almost immediately my trumpet playing began to improve for the first time in years. Not only was my sound and articulation stronger than ever but I also gained abilities that I had never had. I struggled at first to use this playing technique in all of my professional playing gigs but continued to be inspired by Jerry’s writings and news of his constant innovation over the internet.

I’ve spent the years since digging up as much information as I can about the work of Jerry Callet and I have gained a huge amount of knowledge not only about the trumpet and another way to play it but also what it is like to hold on to game-changing knowledge that the majority do not want to hear. I have no idea how Jerry had the willpower to plough forward for the last fifty years developing his embouchure techniques and instruments despite heavy criticism from those who are scared to admit that he was on to something.

Looking forward I will continue to do the best I can to spread the knowledge from the work of Mr Callet in both my playing and teaching. I am eternally grateful to him for opening my ears to the true sound of the trumpet. Rest in peace.